BLACKBOX is a media asset management platform that gives users powerful tools to find and use lightweight proxy or native resolution media from any number of local or cloud storage and archive systems. With scores of best-in-breed integrations, BLACKBOX can provide complete integrated media workflows locally or in the cloud. BLACKBOX can scale from a small system to one designed to meet the needs of the largest organizations.

All three of these system types help organizations manage and use digitized assets.

Production Asset Management (PAM) systems are designed on the creation of digital assets, focused on production and editing staffs. PAM systems tend to be localized in these departments. They are often too technical or too limited to be useful and accessible by other staff members, other departments, other locations, or by outside stakeholders. They are marked by tight integrations with editing and production systems, but they may lack other workflows. Some have cloud integrations.

A powerful tool for meeting a wide range of customer needs, BLACKBOX puts organizations and their staff in control of their media.

Control Content
Digital content and its use are essential for any modern organization, so allowing all stakeholders use of appropriate material is mission critical.

Access Control
Users are assigned to user groups-often linked to roles within the organization-which are allowed access to select categories and subcategories.

Control Processes
BLACKBOX can help organizations control, streamline and automate workflows for greater efficiency.

Integrated workflows
The BLACKBOX system uses API-level integrations with many third-party systems to power many integrated workflows. Users can start many combined technology workflow steps and processes directly from BLACKBOX. These include transcoding, archive, media management, and quality control. For example, Telestream Vantage has a workflow designer that can design a complicated multistep automated workflow-the entire process can be triggered by BLACKBOX users using drag, drop, and one-button select.

Control Costs
Although global demand for media has skyrocketed, budgets in broadcast media and many other sectors struggle to keep up with the needs of stakeholders. BLACKBOX offers great options for payments, competitive pricing, and a focus on controlling the total cost of ownership for its customers. At the same time, the system is future proof, incorporating the latest technologies to prevent obsolescence.

Proxy workflows BLACKBOX’s core use of proxy copies for collaboration, markup, review, and other uses minimizes costs associated with the processing and transmission of native resolutions copies and with unneeded storage of multiple copies. This is especially critical as demand for content grows and as file sizes grow due to increasing video resolutions-from SD to HD to 4K and beyond. Working with proxy copies saves time and money.

Complete Life Cycle Support Because BLACKBOX supports the complete asset lifecycle: ingest, production, use, and final archive, organizations do not need to purchase and maintain multiple systems. BLACKBOX supports third-party systems needed for particular workflow steps (e.g Telestream for video transcoding and processing), making a completely integrated system that can reach over geographical and departmental boundaries. Different groups and different locations do not need the additional overhead of running multiple systems: with BLACKBOX, they can use one system to foster collaboration and minimize costs.

Operational efficiency-searching
Metadata is the heart of a MAM system. Tags and labels for media allow them to be searched and reused. Because BLACKBOX provides a single interface for all media with powerful search features, organizations can save on wasted labor costs of staff searching for content. In addition to basic file properties and technical data (e.g. camera data) about assets, BLACKBOX can have an unlimited number of custom metadata fields. Users groups can be assigned relevant groups of metadata for their use.

Control Cloud
Public/private cloud and multi-cloud
Organizations can enjoy the benefits of the cloud for scaling, accessibility, support, and innovation from public and/or private cloud suppliers. BLACKBOX’s service-oriented architecture allows organizations to use different systems linked together into one system. This flexibility allows organizations to use the platform that best meets their needs for tools, pricing, and deployment while minimizing egress expenses of content to other systems.

Hybrid: local and cloud
With its service-oriented architecture, BLACKBOX allows organizations to run different parts of the BLACKBOX system in different systems, including a mix of local and cloud systems. Although many organizations are moving toward cloud processes, many things are still best done on local systems, including

Legacy systems that are not cloud compatible
A high-volume archive that is only accessed locally
High resolution camera source files that are difficult to move quickly to the cloud
Systems, processes, or organizations that require specialized security settings
Long-form high resolution videos that are edited locally in native resolution
Geographic areas that have limited internet connections
Media that is used repeatedly in a particular location
Unforeseen or unpredictable egress charges may limit the appeal of a full cloud system, but BLACKBOX gives organizations the flexibility to control these costs by linking media storage with the systems and locations where they would be used.

Editing was traditionally done only in dedicated edit bays by editors. BLACKBOX opens up editing for worldwide collaboration. The online BLACKBOX library provides access to the entire library of current and historical content so editors and non-editors alike can find the best material for the current project, whether it is onsite, in the archive, on the shelf, in the cloud, or in another location.

Distribution and Publishing
Delivery: Finished content can be delivered to any number of destinations with transcoding on demand through FTP or with UDP file acceleration. Playable links to proxy copies can be sent as mixed media eBIN or eSHARE messages and as shareable URL links or HTML player code for website insertion on blogs, social media sites and websites. With approval, eBIN recipients and BLACKBOX users can download media in any of the preselected formats available. Collaboration and digital delivery directly from BLACKBOX are simple and inexpensive because users can:
Avoid shipping hard drives, tape, and DVDs globally. This reduces costs and provides quicker responses. BLACKBOX transcodes on the fly and for delivery in multiple locations in multiple formats.
Prepare demo reels or promotional campaigns with videos, audios, graphics, and documents together, and then send them to clients as emails for instant preview and optional download. Recipients can receive and use the content on any connected device.
Save time by enabling users and clients to download content in their preferred format.

Storage and Archive Management
BLACKBOX can provide powerful and affordable solutions to power storage and archive needs.

BLACKBOX has a wide range of features. A particular user may not have access to some of the features, depending on allowed permissions for the user group(s) to which the user is a member and on which tools have been implemented in his or her BLACKBOX system.

General Features
Search: Simple and advanced search capabilities can be performed on a variety of search criteria using wild cards and Boolean logic. BLACKBOX keeps information (metadata) for all content in the database, so users can find assets in near line storage, offline storage, storage in other locations, archive, or on physical media.